Best Contractors, Services & Professionals in Atlanta (Intown)

I moved to Atlanta with my family in 2013. Everything was new. And like anyone who has moved to a new city, it was a challenge to find the best services & professionals that you only need every once in a while.

We’re still in the market for some services, but here’s the list of professionals, contractors and solid businesses that we’ve found so far.

Real Estate Services

We bought a home in Grant Park in 2013. Atlanta’s real estate market is pretty crazy, but these people helped us navigate everything.

Christian Ross at Village Realty

We found Christian via a referral from our real estate agent in Athens, GA (Bob Allen). She found us the right house in a super-tight market. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a home.

See Christian’s website.

Ray Waisler at Finance of America Mortgage

The seller of our home required us to use Ray. Needless to say, we were very skeptical. But Ray won us over with his attention to detail and professional work.

See Ray’s Zillow Profile.

Business Services

I run a small business – and have a family. For any big life decisions, I talk to these people.

Larry Raimondi at Raimondi & Associates

We found Larry via Christian Ross. He helped close our home sale. But we went back to him for our family and business legal work. Like every lawyer I’ve ever met – he’s fast and to the point. But he’s good and I recommend him to anyone.

See Raimondi & Associates’ website.

Sam Cash at Cash Accounting

Dr. Cash has long and impressive accounting resume. He’s been running his own firm for several years. He’s a longtime friend of my family, and has been invaluable to my business. He is technically in Athens, GA – but well worth the drive / phone call.

See Cash Accounting’s website.

Delta Community Credit Union

I am a big fan of using a locally headquartered bank. I was with SunTrust for a while until they merged with BB&T and moved to Charlotte. I moved all my banking to Delta Community, and wish I’d have moved sooner. They don’t have the fancy graphic design of a big bank, but wow, their customer service and functionality as a bank is so good.

Learn about Delta Community Credit Union’s accounts here.

Home Services

Anyone who owns property knows all the random things that come up both regularly and irregularly. Here’s the people that help me out.

Mark Harrelson at The Home Handyman

Mark works exclusively in neighborhoods around Reynoldstown / Grant Park. He does everything in a house that does not require a professional license. He’s ridiculously fast & effective. He’s affordable and does high quality work.

See TheHomeHandyman’s website.

Skyline Pest Solutions

Skyline did our original termite warranty. They now our our regular pest control. They’ve also done a wildlife exclusion. They’re on-time and reliable.

See Skyline’s website.

Marty the Plumber

Thankfully, we haven’t had many plumbing problems. But both times, we’ve called Marty. He’s honest and fair.

Text or call Marty at (404) 358-5868

Percy Hampton at Handy Electrician

Thankfully, we haven’t had any electrical problems. But we have made a couple changes that Mark Harrelson hasn’t been able to do. In those cases, we have called Percy Hampton. He’s incredible. Not cheap – but also the best electrician I’ve ever worked with.

See Handy Electrician’s website.

Harden Goldberg at Smart Space Atlanta

We had our house weatherized and sealed up. It was one of the best investments we’ve ever made in our house. We called Harden to do the work (including the Georgia Power rebate application). Great experience.

See Smart Space’s website.

Atlanta Arbor

We had issues with our trees after Hurricane Irma. Atlanta Arbor was fast and professional.

See Atlanta Arbor’s website.

Hugo Duarte HVAC

Hugo is a local Grant Park HVAC specialist. He’s smart, straightforward, and very reasonable given the extra level of service we got.

Call or Text him at 770 906 1965.

Donald Crawford at Integrity Painting

Donald re-painted the interior of our house, and repaired several sections of drywall. He does great work. He’s quick and straightforward and forthright with expectations.

Call or text at 678 779 3211.

Car & Bike Services

I get around Atlanta via bus, train, bike, car and foot. But it’s my car and bike that need occasional work. Here’s who I go to.

EZ Dent Repair

Whenever we’ve needed any non-engine car repair, we’ve always called EZ Dent Repair first. They are based in Athens, GA. But totally worth the drive. The owner is a long-time friend and client of mine.

See EZ Dent Repair’s website.

Also check out their hail damage services.

Mark’s Auto Repair & Body

We’ve needed larger scale body work twice (after a collision incident and after Irma). Both times, the dealer body shops quoted extortionate prices at absurd time frames. We took our car to Mark both times. He does not have the nicest facilities – but he does great work at a great price. He’s honest and fair – which is rare in the car body repair world.

Call Mark at (404) 974-5946

Tires Plus in Buckhead

We still haven’t found an independent car engine repair shop. However, Tires Plus has always taken care of our cars for cheaper than the dealer. They are decently fast and up front.

See Tires Plus’ website.

Atlanta Bicycle Barn

I’ve used several bike repair shops in Atlanta. But Atlanta Bicycle Barn is the only place that I’ve gone back to. I also bought a bike from them.

See Atlanta Bicycle Barn’s website.

Medical Services

Doctors. Health insurance makes this a bit frustrating, but these are the people that I trust when I can.

Southern Smiles Dentistry

Southern Smiles is our neighborhood dentist. They’ve been great.

See Southern Smiles’ website.

Brookhaven Children’s Dentistry

Our son has been going here since we moved to Atlanta, and we’ve stayed with them because he likes them so much.

See Brookhaven Dentistry’s website.

Rossi & Shirey

I’ve been to Dr. Shirey as my GP. Great experience.

See Rossi & Shirey’s website.

Intown Pediatrics

We researched so many pediatricians when we moved up here. Even when we were living in Buckhead, we drove to see Intown Pediatrics. Their whole staff is amazing.

See Intown Pediatrics’ website.

Other Services

There are plenty of people that help me regularly. This section is sparse, but I’ll add to it when possible.

Axiom Cutler

I tried so many haircutteries in Atlanta before I found David at Axiom Cutler. They are reasonably priced, but also fast and great.

See Axiom Cutler’s website.

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