Doll’s Head Trail

There is a small walking trail through the Constitution Lakes Nature Preserve called the Dolls Head Trail. It’s only about a 5 minute drive from my house.

It’s a small, volunteer created loop through the new, recovering forest. The area used to be a dump and a brick factory & mine before that. It’s heavily polluted. But nature is making a comeback ever since DeKalb County set the land aside.

But DeKalb County never had the money to really clean up and reclaim the area, so there’s a ton of trash throughout the area. What is amazing is that regular people have begun using the trash already in the park to create folk art. It’s a powerful and unique statement.

Doll's Head Trail 1

The area is mentioned in more and more Atlanta Travel Guides – so it’s seeing more use for better but hopefully not for worse. This picture is of one of the actual Doll’s Heads along the loop.

By Nate

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